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Škola Šeliem - Zlatý Fénix - 17 years  in Gazárka.
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A great summer for children and youth in the forests of Šastina. A summer full of fun, martial arts and the new action kung fu fairy tale Kotman 6. Martial arts training, self-defence, work out, swimming, excursions, music, fire building, building and playing in Walla Fortress, scrapbook making, activities, dixit, a visit to the Šaštín Basilica and of course the filming of the sequel to the summer camp action fairy tale Kotman.


Šaštín Stráže, Gazárka, Slovak Republic

Kung fu camp Schedule:

08. 07. - 15. 07. 2023

15. 07. - 22. 07. 2023

22. 07. - 29. 07. 2023

29. 07. - 06. 08. 2023


kids, teens

Camp and Neighborhood

The chalet is situated in the forest, nearby there are lakes, buffets, pizzeria, basilica, children's sports playground, ice cream, nature trail, sand dunes suitable for relaxation and acrobatics training and our own, built over the years, forest training ground - Walla Fortress.

For 16 years now, in cooperation with Akademia Natura and the Phoenix Children's Organisation, the Šeliem School has been organising and running a summer Kung Fu Camp for children and young people in the forests of Šastina in the Gazárka resort. Why?

The forest, water, nature, clean air and friendly people convinced us that Gazárka is the right place for us.


Standard cottage, toilets, shared rooms, shared toilets, fridge, microwave oven, training ground, fireplace, terrace. Own tent is allowed.

Program of Kung fu camp
kung fu lessons, kung jing tao lessons

sports games and archery trips

fencing, leisure activities, fire camping

swimming, dunes and the Golden Phoenix

hand production of books, pockets and bags

Production of the action kids movie titled Kotman 6


Meals 3 times a day (breakfast, lunch, dinner) , drinking regime

Arrivals / departure

Arrivals: 18:00

Departure: 9:00

Organizational guidelines

Organizational guidelines will be sent in Jun 2023

Pocket money

Recommended weekly pocket allowance: 10-15 €

Participation fee

1 camp/person: 180€

2 camps/person: 280€

Register for our event

After completing the application form, we will send you the details for payment of participation fees and basic organizational instructions. By paying the participation fee you confirm your participation in the event. Each registered application is reserved for a period of 2 weeks. 


At the end of the school year, we will send out a camp registration form to registered and enrolled participants:


- Organizational guidelines: camp packing list

- Documents: copy of insurance card, copy of ID

- Confirmations: certificate of infection-free status, consent to the production and promotion of audiovisual and visual materials, consent to the processing of personal data and informed consent


Please hand in the given documents, completed and signed, upon arrival at the camp.

Mobile phones and electronic devices

The organiser is not responsible for the condition and possible loss of mobile or other electronic devices. Mobile phones are allowed, but on the instructions of the organiser they are to be left in the hut. If this instruction is not respected, the organiser is not responsible for any loss.

kung fu camp 2023 Baner.JPG
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